Studio Murugiah
Studio Murugiah is an award winning creative studio based in London. Who specialise in illustration, art direction, typography for clients such as Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm.
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SciFi Now

Editorial illustration for issue 116 of SciFi Now


SciFi Now Magazine commisioned us to produce an alternative book cover illustration for the 19th century Gothic tale of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell which was the novel of British writer Susanna Clarke. The Book was later adapted in to a seven part BBC miniseries staring Bertie Carvel & Eddie Marsen as Strange & Norrell respectively. 

The original book's cover was black with a simple raven silhouette and some hand lettering which we loved so our aim was to do a complete 180 and produce an illustration that talked about the gothic and creepy nature of this alternative history story where magic is widely acknowledged, but rarely practiced.

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