Studio Murugiah
Studio Murugiah is an award winning creative studio based in London. Who specialise in illustration, art direction, typography for clients such as Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm.

Worst Heroes Ever

Suicide Squad illustration 


Our intention for this illustration was to celebrate the many people who put the flick together, incorporating cast, crew and assistants into the image. David Ayer, the director of the film then retweeted the image which was awesome! This led to a sound boom operator from the film getting in contact requesting some printed copies for himself and David. We happily obliged just because of how cool it feels to know that the director of the film we were paying homage to appreciates our vision for an illustrated interpretation. With a little help from Poster Posse agents Don & Rebecca Thompson we managed to get some printed copies over to David. Such an amazing thing to happen from just creating an illustration out of  appreciation for a great comic book flick!