Studio Murugiah
Studio Murugiah is an award winning creative studio based in London. Who specialise in illustration, art direction, typography for clients such as Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm.

Leon Restaurants


Studio Murugiah has taken a dive into the world of packaging design. Not our typical type of work but we couldn't resist the call from Leon Restaurants when they asked us to work on these designs for their new range of Pop Corn, Crisps and Dried Fruit. 

We opted for semi foiled design for the popcorn and a clean matt finish on the crisps while creating a specially cut window on the dried fruit packaging that emulates a similar design in Leon's archives. We had so much fun designing these and are looking forward to seeing what Leon's customers think! 

1-Paprika Puffs.jpg
2-Rosemary Rings.jpg
7-dried fruit.jpg